Archives for July 21, 2011

Postdoctoral Fellow in New Testament Exegesis

Via Evangelical Textual Criticism, I learned of this opportunity for recent PhDs in New Testament: Postdoctoral Fellow in New Testament Exegesis at the Department of Theology for a period of two years, beginning per agreement. The Faculty of Theology is the oldest of ten faculties at Uppsala University and encompasses all areas of religious studies [Read More…]

SBL Aramaic Studies Sessions for San Francisco

Chris Brady posted on the finalization of the Aramaic Studies sessions for the Society of Biblical Literature conference in San Francisco in November. I am privileged to be reading what I assume will be the first instance of a paper related to the Mandaic dialect of Aramaic in that section. The title will be “The [Read More…]

A Challenge to Mythicists

Having recently witnessed a proponent of mythicism repeat the same old untruth about “Biblical historians” using different methods than the rest of the guild of historians, I thought it might be time to invite mythicists to do a little experiment. Pick a figure from ancient history – not Alexander the Great or someone similarly poised [Read More…]