Blogging Israel Round-Up

For those friends and family who missed my series of posts about my trip to Israel while I was there, here’s a round-up of the posts from the trip:

Tel Aviv
From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to Bethlehem and Hebron
The Old City of Jerusalem
Quote of the Day (Jerome Murphy-O’Connor)
The Dead Sea
Last Full Day in Jerusalem
On the Holiness of the Temple Mount
To Galilee by way of Armageddon
Galilee vs. Jerusalem
Blessed are Those who do not Vandalize Ancient Tombs
Archaeological Puzzles: Can You Identify These Objects?
Where Jesus May Have Walked
Hitting Your Head Means You’re A Sinner
Blogging Israel with an iPad
Ben Gurion Airport
Review of Jerusalem Testament

And for those who may be interested, here are a few from/about my time in London:
International Society of Biblical Literature Conference – Day One
Drafts of My Article on Monotheism
Ken Brown on the SBL International Monotheism Sessions
The Doctor Who Experience

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