Exploring Our Matrix is at Patheos

This is just a reminder that Exploring Our Matrix has moved to Patheos. All the things you’ve loved about this blog continue to characterize it at its new home. Hope you’ll continue to enjoy my blogging there every bit as much as you have enjoyed it thus far here!

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  • FYI…I'm having a terrible time accessing your site at Patheos. Both Safari and Firefox complain, hang and then want to shut down while loading your page. Not sure if you were aware of this.

  • Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. I use Google Chrome, and sometimes Internet Explorer. I will let the tech powers that be at Patheos know!

  • I just went there in Firefox and it loaded with no problem. Could it be something to do with an interaction between the blog and a plug-in?

  • hmm…not sure. Usually, in Safari and Firefox your posts at the Patheos site will start to load normally but all of the various widgets on the blog take forever to appear. Previously, the page just loaded slower for me than other sites. Only recently has it started hanging and giving me the "whirly-wheel of death" and refusing to ever fully load.Maybe my computer is out to get me.

  • I'm not sure, but does this happen on different computers, or is it all on the same computer? That might be a way to figure out whether the issue is a browser-related one, or is in the Patheos site/blog itself, or something else.Do other Patheos blogs cause the same issues? Or is it just Exploring Our Matrix?

  • I checked out other Patheos blogs and was having the same problem.Then, magically, it stopped doing it. Weird. Maybe it was something with Patheos and they fixed it.

  • Glad it's working, whatever magic may have been responsible! 🙂