2001 Reasons to Buy Religion and Science Fiction: It Will Transform Your Species

I am not seriously suggesting that Religion and Science Fiction will set relatively primitive hominids on the fast track to becoming sentient, or that your encounter with it will turn you into the Starchild. But I do think that the book will make a useful contribution to academic discussion of the intersection of religion and science fiction – and surely that can’t be a bad thing for either you or your species!

Plus, it seemed as though sci-fi is always giving humankind one last chance, and so I figured that I should be providing reminders that the coupon code I shared previously for 40% off the paperback edition is only valid until the end of the month – in other words, just for a couple of days more!

If you are a fan of 2001 (which presumably you are if you understood the picture and this post in general) then you may also want to get one of these action figures…

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