Sci-Fi Around the Biblioblogosphere

If you hang around this blog a lot, you might not realize that discussion of sci-fi on biblioblogs is not universal, although it is not exactly uncommon either.

Today, Scot McKnight shared a link to and excerpt from an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on what led a programmer of robots to switch tracks and study philosophy.

Julie Clawson blogged about speculative fiction, other prophetic literature, and the church.

IO9 mentioned the development of technology to integrate circuitry into skin, and Scott Bailey quickly realized that premillenial dispensationalists are bound to connect it with their science fiction type of view of the mark of the beast.

Rod of Alexandria blogged about Warehouse 13, sci-fi and sexism.

And finally, IO9 has a post about suspension of disbelief, which I would love to see become the basis for discussion of suspension of disbelief among religious believers.

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