Rod of Alexandria on Religion and Science Fiction: Some Method, Some Madness

After I expressed some disappointment with Rod’s treatment of the final piece in Religion and Science Fiction, he has written this rejoinder, which I think offers a helpful discussion of his approach and perspective, as well as clarifying his meaning in the earlier blog post.

I would note that Teresa Blythe’s contribution to the volume doesn’t really offer a “method” in the sense of a unified perspective and accompanying set of tools, but in the sense of a set of questions which, when asked, may help readers and viewers scratch beneath the surface of a story or film and discover theological elements that might have been overlooked.

I am persuaded that, using method in this sense, Rod has a method too. I am even fairly sure that questions that Teresa recommends asking, Rod has asked in the past and will ask again.

Do you have a “method” to how you approach literature and film, whether in the sense of a very specific disciplinary approach, or a set of questions and issues you have found it useful to keep in mind? What have you found to be some of the most interesting questions to ask at the intersection of religion/theology and science fiction?

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