iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak available for Mac OSX users (version for PC Windows and Linux to follow soon)

The news is breaking that an untethered jailbreak is finally available for the iPad 2, using a tool called Absinthe.

The Mac OSX version has been released, and ones for PC/Windows and Linux users are promised soon.

The Greenp0ison website is not always keeping up with the strain from so much traffic, but when working you can get the jailbreak via this link. It would make much more sense, however, to get it via torrent from someone who has already downloaded it, rather than put more strain on the Greenpois0n site.

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  • RobertA

    For my iPad, I’m waiting on a jailbreak that allows apple and android apps to run in the same environment. Until then I’m pretty happy with the (limited) current iOs.