The Most Unintentionally Ironic Creationist Quote of the Day – Perhaps of All Time?

Internet Monk has a post “Creation Police at Toys-R-Us” about an article on the Institute for Creation Research web site, complaining about a children’s game and its depiction of Noah’s ark. Here’s the priceless quote:

The Noah’s Ark Game looks innocuous enough, with a picture of colorful animals crowding the roof and deck of a boat barely large enough to hold them. But it misrepresents the Ark to such a degree that it undermines the feasibility of Scripture’s account of the Flood [emphasis added].

It is saddening and disturbing that anyone can think that there is feasibility to the account of the Flood in Genesis. It is logic, comparative study of literature, geological and other scientific evidence, and moral sensibility that undermine the feasibility of Scripture’s account of the Flood. Not a children’s game.

But one can choose to cry about such things, or laugh. I suspect it is better to laugh.

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