Quote of the Day (Chewbacca)

Via Marc Cortez

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  • Was that when he said Obi-Wan was mad?

  • Brettongarcia

    Obviously he’s saying:  “This is the true ossuary of Jesus.”

  • Scott F

    Everyone knows that “Ahhhhrrrrrr” is Wookie for “Ahhhhrrrrimathea”

    droids don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they see shoddy scholarship on the Discovery Channel. Wookiees are known to do that.” 

  • Brettongarcia

    In the context of a Christian blog, Chewy must now clearly be seen as a Christian reference.  No doubt (as we might guess from concern with the chronologically proximate Jonah/Jesus controversy nextdoor), this must be a “Jonah” figure; covered with seaweed. 

    While the dark rectangle?  Can only refer to the dark tomb, and/or the square, dark interior of the ossuary box.  Or?  The belly of the – for some reason, square – whale. 

    Which is metaphorically of course, Mankind, trapped in death and darkness.  But?  All about to be illuminated by … filmmaking and archeological associates of the famous Director, James Cameron. 

    All perfectly timed to break, just before and after Easter.

    It’s a miracle!

  • Can there be any doubt left as to what he believes on the matter?

    • Brettongarcia

      Jesus warned us that there would be many “false Christs” out there.  Is this one?  What about the “Christ” of conventional religion as well?  What about the Historical Jesus too?

  • Tricksterson

    Are you saying that Chewbacca is the Wookie Jesus or that he’s a false prophet?

    • Rationalis

      Well, he could be … either one…!  Or … BOTH!  Since Jesus was not only said to be Christ, but also a prophet (foretelling the future).  He could be A false prophet.  And/or one of the foretold false Christs; a false, “Wookie Jesus!” 

      • Rationalis

        (“Wookie” here, note, is not a simple matter of semantic shift or pronunciation “drift,” from  a hypothetically-reconstructed Sanscritic “rookie.”  Subsequently mispronounced by a High Altaic, Turkish or Japanese speaker for example, who does not have a “w”/”r” distinction.  Or … is it?)

  • Intaglio

    But which movie?