Archives for May 16, 2012

Hakon Borresen – Symphony No. 2 in A Major “The Sea” Op. 7 (1904)

Even as someone who has a particular love for Scandinavian music of the early 20th century, I must confess that Hakon Borresen is not a composer who was familiar to me. Enjoy this symphony of his as you watch the sun set on an alien world… [Read more…]

Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim

We reached our hotel, and on the way in the bus the tour guide shared a bit about practical considerations and logistics, what we will be doing tomorrow, and so on. At the hotel we had time to freshen up before eating a buffet dinner with food that was for the most part not too [Read More…]

Postcolonial Krotons

My recent post on the Doctor Who episode “The Krotons” has been shared at the Journal of Postcolonial Networks [Read more…]

Arrival in Tel Aviv

We have made it to Tel Aviv! Our flight was about an hour late leaving JFK. It was probably thanks to some of the initial delay that Maddie was able to catch the flight, since her flight to JFK was delayed. There was fog at JFK which was probably a major cause of both delays. [Read More…]