Happy Super Towel Day!

I got back from my trip to Israel yesterday, just in time for Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams. Some are calling this “Super Towel Day” since 5+25+12=42.

The trip had a couple of Douglas Adams moments or aspects, such as the fact that one of the books we all read together was A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus, and when we went to the Dead Sea, I told the students that since they can rent towels there, they didn’t need to bring a towel with them unless they are fans of Douglas Adams.

S0 blogging will be resuming its usual form and pace here soon. In the mean time, I wish you a happy (Super) Towel Day!

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  • http://tunabay.com/ Keika

    And a Happy (Super) Towel Day to you too!   Right offhand, I can think of three very famous people who used to be seen often, toting a towel around in public.  Louis Armstrong and his trumpet.  Luciano Pavarotti and his sweat glands.  Linus van Pelt.  No, that was a security blanket he toted.

    I was carrying my Adams towel while hiking out in the desert when it got tangled on a cactus and I had to leave it stuck to the spiny plant.  Later I got the idea for “The Hitchhikers Guide To Velcro,” and the rest is history.
    Welcome back, Dr. McGrath.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your loyalty to your Matrix audience with your posted photos and descriptions of  adventure during your fascinating trip to Israel.  The stuck-at-a-desk view from Google Earth 3D was enhanced immensely with your  interesting on the ground perspective.  Many happy returns!