The Butler University Israel Trip May 2012: The Motion Picture

One of the students on the Israel trip has made a series of videos about the trip – one for each day we were there. They are nicely edited, with a mixture of regional and other more familiar music for the soundtrack during sections with scenery and locations. I think you’ll enjoy them!

If you would like even more, another student has set up her own blog with photos, information, and thoughts about the places we visited.

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  • Bob MacDonald

    לזכור so many memories

  • Keika

    What strikes me from the videos is the cleanliness of the vistas, from the hotel rooms and restaurants to the venerate dusty sanctions. It’s a great skateboard park, but no kids using it. Enjoyable videos!

  • Gary

    Butler ought to give a grant to the students (like free graduate school tuition) that did the video and blog, in exchange for the use of their material to advertise their programs. I can see the students lining up, to sign up. Why else take a dry theology class?

  • stadiumhotelguide

    Nice videos, if it wasn’t quite so far away I’d be on a plane right now. :) Thanks for this great post!