The Latest Roman Technology: aBook

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HT Mark Goodacre for this wonderful parody of the iPad from Horrible Histories.

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  • Pseudonym

    Horrible Histories, by the way, is the best sketch comedy show currently on television. It’s written by some of the best comedians working in the UK today (Jon Holmes and Steve Punt are regular writers, for example). It’s the only children’s show ever to have won a British Comedy Award. It won in the “best sketch show” category twice in a row.

    Honourable mentions: Martin Luther conducting business and a Viking power ballad.

    • cameronhorsburgh

      Absolutely. My kids love this show, and I’m quite partial to it as well.

      And the education sticks, too. My 11 y.o. daughter corrected me when I confused Caligula with Nero in a sermon a few weeks ago. I was both proud AND embarrassed.