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I’ve heard from a couple of people that there seem to be issues with Disqus comments loading properly. It sounds as though the problem may be limited to Internet Explorer, although it is hard to tell. They seem to load fine for me – sometimes a little slowly, when there are lots of comments. Since I installed the new updated version of Disqus, the comments have seemed to look and function better for me personally. It reverted to nested comments, which may or may not be a good thing.

I’m posting this to let those who are experiencing issues know that the problem is being worked on by the folks at Patheos. I will let you know when I have updates. I also want to ask for feedback on the current set up of Disqus comments as well as to ask that you communicate any issues you may be having with Disqus or any other aspect of the blog’s functionality. While that might seem nonsensical – if you are having issues with commenting, how can you comment? – it is always possible as a short-term workaround to visit here using a different browser.

So if you are experiencing issues, let me know. The more people who let me know when things aren’t working, the more information I can pass on to those who are in a position to fix things – and usually if it is a problem that many are experiencing, the urgency with which it will be addressed increases.

Apologies to those who’ve been suffering silently as things have malfunctioned!

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  • Gary

    Chrome works OK.

  • jjramsey

    I had problems with Disqus not loading on Firefox, so it’s not just an Internet Explorer thing. For now, though, Disqus seems to be behaving, even on Firefox. Also, it might not be just a Patheos thing. About the time I was having problems with Disqus here, I had the same problems on the review site Agony Booth.

  • I was informed by a reader that my Disqus comments weren’t showing at all in IE for my blogspot blog. I use Firefox so never noticed the problem. I opened IE and sure enough the Disqus comments aren’t showing. BUT, in IE on other blogs using Disqus I am seeing their comments. This leads me to believe it is somehow the integration on my site that needs tweaking but I have no idea what to do.

  • hirecentrix

    not working in IE on your site or mine. Had to come to the site via firefox – error message on this site was

    Your browser is not currently supported in Disqus. Please use a modern

    Explorer 9
    SafariWorking fine in Firefox, problem is limited to IE – I own a joomla site

  • its nice …….

  • essao


  • jack

    on my sitei can’t post as a guest..

  • Is everything ok with Disqus now?

  • I just upgraded to the latest Disqus & found that the majority of comments have disappeared when using IE & FF.

    I used jquery tabs on many pages & it is on these pages the comments have disappeared.

    On Chrome, Safari & Opera everything works just fine.

  • kscottk

    Disqus will not let me post my comments on TV by the Numbers, anymore.