If the Church Were Christian

Philip Gulley's book If The Church Were Christian makes many challenging points. Here are some of them, in Gulley's own words, turned into a poster by one Facebook group and shared with me by another. What do you think of his points?


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  • spinkham

    Gotta love (some of) the Quakers.

    I think if that church were in my town, I would go back to church.

    Also, by these definitions, I would say the freethought/humanist group I attend is the most “Christian” group in my area. I’d love for progressives to take the word back so it actually meant these things, but I also do somewhat bristle at the idea that here is any one definition of “Christian”. As far back as we can look, there seem to be too many different narritives surrounding the one called the Christ. On the other hand, I suppose that is itself a great argument for the sort of Christianity being proposed. :-)

  • http://prophetsandpopstars.com prophetsandpopstars

    I think that you could replace the word “Christian” with courageous or bold, or risky and it would have more gravitas. I’m not sure that the church can be not Christian. To be a “Christian” is to follow Jesus, in which courage and righteousness are synonymous.

    I think the issue the poster brings up isn’t what it means to be “Christian,” but what it means to be Christ’s church. ‘Nother discussion.