Quote of the Day (Larry Hurtado)

I think I’m not alone in feeling that to show the ill-informed and illogical nature of the current wave of “mythicist” proponents is a bit like having to demonstrate that the earth isn’t flat, or that the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth, or that the moon-landings weren’t done on a movie lot.  It’s a bit wearying to contemplate!

Larry W. Hurtado, “The “Did Jesus Exist” Controversy and Its Precedents” on Larry Hurtado’s Blog

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  • William J E Dempsey

    Larry Hurtado is one of hundreds of scholars who study the origins of Christianity. Specifically Hurtado is one of those who specialize particularly, in the Jewish roots of Christianity especially. And in this he is not unique, or “alone.”
    But of course, there are many other classic and contemporary scholars, who disagree with Hurtado. Who believe that other “ANE” or Ancient Near East influences are also extremely important influences on Christianity.
    Some of this new wave of new mythicists, classicists – like Earl Doherty – can currently be found on, say, the blogsite Vridar.

    • Just Sayin’


  • William J E Dempsey

    For myself? I’m offended every day by the supercilious duplicity and hypocrisy of biblical scholars

    • Patrick

      Supercilious you say? Ain’t that a pretty way to talk!