Sorry, The Correct Answer Is…

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"Price actually can't find a job. He's been ostracized for his mythicist posititon."

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Written Thoughts on the Ehrman-Price Debate
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  • smijer

    I don’t know how it could be any simpler. I can only explain how this wouldn’t be straightforward to anyone by invoking an extreme case of Motivated cognition:

    • Gary

      Your reference, “1. To begin, motivated cognition refers to the unconscious tendency of individuals to fit their processing of information to conclusions that suit some end or goal.” Now I understand. Abraham being about 90 years old. Isaac, probably was a teenager. Motivation – need to kick the kid out, get a job, and stop bugging mom and dad. Catch phrase for Abraham to Issac thereafter, “remember the Ram. Might not be so lucky next time.”

  • Steve Robinson

    It is interesting that the Rabbinic take on this incident is that Abraham was testing God. In the end, the correct answer would have been “no”.