Georgia Leigh – Brave

A Facebook friend shared this song, dedicating it to those LGBT people who have recently been on the receiving end of bigotry from Christians. As the video features a singer-songwriter who (as far as I know) does not have a recording contract, that seemed to me all the more reason to share this with a wider audience on my blog. You never know what might help something go viral.

The lyrics follow the video.

I am not brave like you are

You could carry the sun in your palm

You could light up the sky with your fingertips

You can light up the night with your song

Hallelujah, Hallelu

You are so brave like I am not

You could fly the whole world and ask for more

You can guard your heart because you have one

I feel it beating on the air like drums of war

Hallelujah, Hallelu

You will read these pages

You will see where I have walked

And I don’t know how to stop

All of the things that we are taught

I can’t find the answers

And my way is never clear

But you are strong, and you are brave

And you will make it out of here

You are so brave, Hallelujah

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