The Bible vs. Systematic Theology

If the purpose of the Bible were that we derive from it a systematic theology, you would think that we would have simply been provided with that systematic theology…


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  • Mike Gantt

    Agreed. Every “systematic theology” to which I have been exposed feels like it is superimposing some framework upon the Scriptures – and the fit never seems to be comfortable. Systematic theologies also feel sterile and inorganic. The Scriptures are full of life that we ought to let spring forth on its own terms.

  • Susan Burns

    I have not read this book but will comment anyway. It would help if we could approach theology with real information and not manufactured propaganda meant to sway opinion. If presented with the truth, I will make up my own mind (using my heart in the decision making process) and it will be between me and my God. But I will not take the word of a heirarchical corporate organization when I know they are wrong.
    It is difficult to find the real information. Christians are mainly interested in the NT but the OT is useful as historical background. The Gospels are not very useful because the intention of the authors is to gain converts. Much like political ads, truth is not really important when trying to get your vote. IMO, the most useful part of the Bible (to Christians) is the Epistle to the Hebrews. This author knew he would have to be more circumspect because of his audience. He was writing to learned Jews and it was harder to pull the wool over their eyes.

  • Beau Quilter

    Thank you, yes.

    And it seems to me that “philosophy of religion” is an oxymoron.

  • jeemps.pierre

    The difference between them is Biblical theology presents the teaching of Scripture in
    biblical terms and in an historical manner. Systematic theology
    presents the teaching of Scripture in contemporary terms and in a
    logical manner.