Breaking News: Disney Acquires LucasFilm, Star Wars Episode VII scheduled for 2015!

I thought it might be a hoax, but the Walt Disney company web site confirms that it is acquiring LucasFilm and will be making new Star Wars movies, with George Lucas as creative consultant!

The official Star Wars blog has more information about this, and its implications, as well as the long and winding history of Star Wars episodes VII, VIII and IX (and apparently at one point also X, XI, and XII!), which are more-or-less known to have been in Lucas’ mind from the outset.

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  • Robert Cornwall

    James — just no more about Jar Jar Binks

  • Chris Tilling

    Amen, Robert, Amen!

  • Just Sayin’

    We’ve already had three too many of them. Now the already tired old formula will be beaten to death.

    It isn’t as if there aren’t dozens, hundreds, of far better science fiction stories waiting to be made.

    • Paul Regnier

      It isn’t as if there aren’t dozens, hundreds, of far better science fiction stories waiting to be made.

      The Star Wars Universe is an interesting place to tell some of those stories though. The three prequels always felt a bit too much like back story, but I think the sequels will offer much more freedom to take the story into new places. I’m looking forward to them.

  • mistformsquirrel

    Interesting… I was a huge Star Wars fan before the Prequels, but in-theory this could be excellent; especially if they’re willing to draw on some of the better expanded universe stuff for it. (The Thrawn Trilogy is chief in my mind, but also the X-Wing novels, particularly the first 4.)

    That said I admit to some level of terror at the possibility of an Episode VII… there’s a lot of ways for it to go wrong, and not a lot for it to go right.

  • skinman

    Hopefully “creative consultant” is code for “go away George, we got it from here”. The prequels are terrible. And Lucas has done so much damage to Ep IV that I can’t bear to watch it anymore, which pains me since it was the movie that defined my childhood. And I hope they steer clear of the EU novels. They aren’t any better than the prequels.