Conference Hashtag: #SBLAAR

After some consultation, I think that it is to be agreed that the hashtag to use for those tweeting about the upcoming AAR and SBL joint annual meeting is #sblaar

Adding the year seems unnecessary. And while putting the AAR ahead of the SBL seemed preferable for alphabetical reasons, the resulting hashtag #aarsbl – which would presumably then be pronounced “arse bull” – seemed less preferable than the thankfully nearly unpronounceable #sblaar

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  • Chris Spinks

    If you use the Twitter baked into the AAR/SBL iPhone app, the #sblaar hashtag is automatically put into the tweet. I’m guessing you already knew this, but just in case you didn’t, there it is.

    • James F. McGrath

      I had not yet noticed. Is it indeed #sblaar? I wonder whether the makers of the app likewise tried #arsebull and decided it was a bad idea…

  • Gary

    Arse bull would make for some good conversation at happy hour. You guys need to loosen up, and have some fun. I think you should all be required to recite verses from the Gospel of Thomas after a few beers. The first one that cracks a smile, has to buy drinks for everyone else.