Death by Powerpoint Rap

Doug Chaplin shared the above video, and I think it might be useful viewing for those gearing up to present at SBL and/or AAR in November. Or any other conference, or business, or educational institution, or…

On a related note, there is a panel session at SBL this year, in which I am participating, on the nature of the conference paper and how to present effectively. My own part focuses on what might be called best practices of the presentation itself – and so many features in the video are relevant to precisely that topic. Here are the details (or if you like, I could show you a chart about it in powerpoint…):


Now Presenting: Preparing, Submitting & Delivering Conference Papers


4:00 PM to 5:15 PM

Room: N134 – McCormick Place

Theme: Hosted by the SBL Student Advisory Board

Presenting at a conference entails much more than the brief delivery of an academic paper. In this session, our esteemed panelists will discuss how to successfully navigate the process of proposing and presenting your work. In particular, they will discuss the ins-and-outs of composing and submitting an abstract as well as the do’s and don’ts of stepping on stage to deliver the final product. If you plan to be a participant in the SBL and/or other academic conferences, you will not want to miss the insights offered in this session sponsored by the SAB.

T. Michael W. Halcomb, Asbury Theological Seminary, Presiding

Clare K. Rothschild, Lewis University, Panelist (20 min)

James McGrath, Butler University, Panelist (20 min)

David R. Bauer, Asbury Theological Seminary, Panelist (20 min)

Discussion (15 min)

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  • Excellent. You nailed it. pptwiz.

  • Gary

    Homer Simpson survival guide. Doooonuts at break. Must make it to break. Doooonuts…

  • Miguel Monteiro

    This video is well done but it’s more of the same Calimero complaint again…I’m getting fed up with brainless people hitting the same key, over and over again.
    Since when “that crap in the screen” is PowerPoint fault?
    FOOS (For Our Own Sake) stop confusing contents with tools! Stop confusing presentations with PowerPoint.
    Ironically, this video could have been easily done with PowerPoint!

    • To be fair, the song explicitly mentions that it is not Powerpoint, but the way people are using Powerpoint, that is the problem.