Donald Trump’s Big Reveal

If you are among those who have been waiting for the big reveal that Donald Trump promised he would offer about Barack Obama at noon today, he’s done it.  What he revealed is that he (i.e. Trump) still wants to see Obama’s birth certificate and other records.

Seriously. That’s his “big news.” In my opinion, the news that Nicholas Cage might be in a reboot of Left Behind was more exciting.

See his video and press release below – but don’t expect them to live up to the hype.

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  • rei ayanami

    What a moron. Clearly only suited to be a caricature of a industrialist on mindless reality TV. Stay out of politics.

  • Georgia Leigh

    Trump’s birtherism is SO bizarre.

  • Joni Johnson

    Why would Obama meet any deadline for trump’s satisfaction. I would guess he has more presidential things to accomplish and Americans to answer to. How about Mr. Trump donates his 5 mil to one of those charities because he has it and can (without conditions)!

  • I bet Trump owns a fleet of Mercedes clown cars.

  • Jeff Carter

    Using “charity” to shame someone is disgusting.

  • Trump moves, check. Obama doesn’t, checkmate. $5 million dollars to your favorite charity, Mr. President. Just let us see your college applications/transcripts and passport application, what’s the big deal about this? $5 million dollars! That could feed a lot of hungry UNICEF children in Kenya and maybe get your brother out of his hut. Why not take this deal, Mr. President? You’re not hiding anything from us, are you? And think of the tax deduction you can swing with this deal.

    • Claude

      “maybe get your brother out of his hut”

      How can one fail to be moved by the Christian charity of the religious right.

      • I agree. Therefore I suggest Trump offer Mr. Obama, $10,000,000 to produce his transcripts. I just don’t think $5 million is enough money to satisfy the generous nature of the liberal left, which is proven to be much less generous with the amount of money they give to charitable organizations, compared with conservative donors.

        • Keika, you’re not referring to Dinesh D’Souza’s false claims about George Obama, who is (from what I have heard) a community organizer a lot like his much older half-brother, whom he has met once if I am not mistaken, and whose involvement in a local community has led to his living there at a higher standard of living than D’Souza claimed, but lower than he might have attained had he not remained their due to his activism.

          But that is just the impression I have after an attempt at fact-checking an e-mail story that circulates and which seems to stem ultimately from D’Souza. I don’t know any member of President Obama’s extended family, do you? And so then the question becomes why some choose to believe this or that claim that is made about a matter that it is very hard for most people to truly confirm or debunk.

          • George Hussein Onyango Obama, the younger half-brother has admitted that living in a 6×8′ corrugated metal hut in Nairobi, Kenya, on less than a dollar a month, isn’t shameful to him and thinks it should not be for his brother, Barack. I was simply linking UNICEF helping children in Kenya with the President’s brother, who lives in a hut, in the same neighborhood of Africa. Why not offer your blood something better than squalor when you have $5 million to blow on a charitable act?

        • Claude

          That’s right, the president of the United States should produce so much as a Metro card to trash like Trump. Keep banging that birther drum, Keika, it’s good for the “liberal left.”

    • So let me get this straight. We are to blame President Obama if DONALD TRUMP WITHHOLDS $5 million dollars from charity?

      • Kaz

        Where in Trump’s statement does it say anything about blaming Obama if Trump withholds $5 million dollars from charity? That’s not the angle presented, at least not in the written statement (I didn’t see the broadcast).

        The statement doesn’t say that Obama is to blame if funds are withheld; it suggests that Obama will get the credit if he turns over his records so that the funds will be donated.

        I have a hunch, albeit a vague one, that, in the end, Trump will donate the funds anyway. If he does so despite Obama’s refusal to turn over his records, then he will appear to some to have emerged as the better man, and this will likely serve as fodder for yet more political spin from the right. Spin seems to be an inherent part of politics, regardless of party, and while most take it in stride, I find it appalling.

        • Claude

          I suppose you should be congratulated on being above the fray while “most” of us slobs take spin in stride.

        • Thanks, Kaz, for pointing out that Trump’s actual angle is even more ludicrous than my rewording.

          If Obama reveals the great international (probably secret muslim) scandals hidden deep within his college transcript, then America will praise him with credit for the little 5 mill donation Trump places in his name.

          • Kaz

            If you feel that 5 millions dollars is a “little” donation, then you are among the people Obama seems to hate! I mean, surely anyone who can donate 5 million dollars to a charity could likely afford a corporate jet, right? 😉

          • Obama, doesn’t hate the rich; he thinks they should pay more taxes. And he includes himself in that category.

            No, 5 mill is only chump change to folks like Trump. I’m the guy who regularly digs for change in the couch in the couch cushions.

    • susan burns

      d’souza was caught with his pants down. he is married but also fornicating with a young intern.

  • Kaz

    Some might say that this is almost as bad as demanding that someone turn over his/her income taxes, and then, once this is done, criticizing a person’s investments, without mentioning that anyone who owns a 401K probably has similar investments. It’s almost as disgusting as criticizing the percentage of taxes paid by a person while underplaying the fact that he/she gives more to charity than is given by the total population of many small companies.

    Bias is revealed not only by what someone chooses to report or blog about, but by what someone chooses not to report or blog about. On this blog I see post after post after post defending Obama or criticizing Romeny, but I never seem to see any critizing Obama or defending Romney. Is this really because Obama is beyond criticism, while Romeny fully deserves every bit that he’s gotten during this election process? I doubt it. This, in my opinion, reveals one of the biggest failures of politics in general, namely, bias and selfish concerns quash objectivity while often bringing out the worst in people. To me, this is clear evidence that the biblical answer to mankind’s problems is the better one, i.e. not any particular kingdom of the world, however lofty its claims might be, but the righteous kingdom of God.

    • Claude

      It’s almost as disgusting as criticizing the percentage of taxes paid by a person while underplaying the fact that he/she gives more to charity than is given by the total population of many small companies.

      I’ve got your biblical answer right here:

      Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

      • Kaz

        How many Romney critics in the liberal media do you think give from their poverty?

        • Claude

          Your rants about the “liberal media” are baseless and irrelevant. The “liberal media” isn’t running for president. And if a flagrant liar and cynical shape-shifter like Romney is your man, your piety rings hollow. Moral cowardice doesn’t matter if it’s Team Red, is that it?

        • So, what’s the liberal media, what’s the conservative media, and what’s the fair and balanced media?

          Or is all media liberal?

          • Kaz

            @Beau: If you don’t recognize that there is a serious problem of media bias in the U.S., then I’m afraid that this lacunae is greater than I could hope to rectify on a blog. However, I’ll recommend (again) that you check out the writings of Bernard Goldberg, beginning with:

            “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News”

            The reason the above book became a New York Times best seller, isn’t because of the novelty of its thesis, but because millions of Americans were gratified to see someone who was actually part of the media expressing their own concerns. I’m sorry that you don’t see what millions of your fellow Americans see, but perhaps Goldberg can at least get you contemplating this issue more seriously.

            I would also recommend (again) a subsequent work by Goldberg, that deals specifically with the bias displayed in relation to Obama:

            “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media”

            After digesting those, you might enjoy two other works by Goldberg:

            “Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve”


            “Arrogance: Rescuing America From The Media Elite”


          • Claude

            Too funny! All four of Kaz’s recommendations are by Bernard Goldberg, a hard-right conservative who hosts the likes of Michelle Malkin on his website, where he devotes a whole section to the “Lamestream Media” (no, really). Of course, if brooding over whether Joe Biden’s religion is Catholicism or Leftism keeps you up at night, this guy’s for you!

            Kaz: Log in Eye.

          • Kaz

            If you think that Bernard Goldberg is “hard-right”, then you either haven’t read his books, or you haven’t understood them. Goldberg himself said “I see myself as an old-fashioned liberal. I’m liberal the way liberals used to be. My views these days are fairly mainstream in our country. But not in America’s newsrooms.” (Bias), p. 51

            Let me repeat, his book ‘Bias’ didn’t become a NYT best seller because of the novelty of its thesis, but because the message resonated with millions of Americans who, like me, were relieved to see a liberal insider publically affirm what we all knew to be true.

          • Claude

            Oh, that’s funny, too. Perhaps Mr. Goldberg is being a teensy bit disingenuous.


            I rest my case.

          • Kaz

            Have you read Goldberg’s books?

          • Kaz

            Goldberg is an interesting character. He does consider himself a conservative now, but he would probably say that modern moderate conservatives are more like the liberals of old than modern lefties, some of whom he characterizes as “Crazies”. He indicated in ‘Crazies…’ that he’s pro choice (with reservations), and even supports embryonic research. He supports gay marriage (he says, “I just don’t care if Adam and Steve tie the knot”). He’s in favor of the medical use of marijuana, etc. Claiming that he’s “hard-right” clearly seems preposterous.

            I can’t say that I have him perfectly pegged, though, but I don’t consider that relevant to the point at hand. His political affiliation isn’t relevant to me in the least. What I appreciate is his factual observation that there is too much bias in the media, as this is obviously true. Personally, I couldn’t care less if he were liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, as long as he tells the truth, which he does vis a vis bias.

          • Claude

            You’re right, Goldberg’s more libertarian than hard right. I can be forgiven, though, since the right has become essentially hard right. Moderates have been purged from the party.

            No, I haven’t read his books and will not do so. Life is short.

          • I see you’ve drunk the Fox News koolaid, Kaz.

          • Kaz

            Have you read Goldberg’s books?

          • No way – I’ve seen his punditry at work, I wouldn’t waste my time.

          • Kaz

            So your assertion that I “drunk the Fox News kookaid” was based on ignorance. My own assessment of his arguments comes from reading all of the books I referenced, not from Fox News, which I only manage to watch sporadically. I’ve gotten as much news from NPR as I have from Fox. How’s that for a broad spectrum? 😉

            BTW, I’m happy to acknowledge that there’s plenty of bias offered up on Fox News as well.

    • Kaz, I am not sure what to say other than that I have a point of view on many matters, and it affects and influences what I blog about, not just in relation to politics or the economy but also theology, Biblical interpretation and other subjects. I have never made any attempt at trying to be a substitute for a news source that seeks to cover as much news as possible, and hope that no one reads by blog as a substitute for journalism. What you will find here are thoughts, comments and reflections about news that I have encountered from media sources, and more often, discussion of topics that are actually in my area of expertise and pertain to the study of religion. I think that most of my blog posts that in any way relate to politics look at how religion intersects with that realm.

      This curreent post is an exception, which I posted simply because I was foolish enough to imagine that Donald Trump actually had something important to say yesterday at noon. And so feel free to treat this post as a testimony to my own gullibility.

      • Kaz

        I understand, and while I mentioned the tendency that I see on your blog, I really meant to comment about political bias in general; how it clearly reveals that all kingdoms of the world — even those with pundits who regularly declare that theirs is the greatest nation on earth — are destined to fail, ultimately, in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.

        I agree with you about the Trump challenge, yet I can’t help but think that such a gesture would have been avoided had the liberal media simply allowed the normal vetting process to proceed naturally during the last Presidential election. Instead they showed some determination to quash hard questions via the race card and other means. Poor George Stephanopoulos is probably still apologizing for having the audacity to ask about the nature of Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers. Can you imagine how the media would have hyped the story if had come out that John McCain attended a gathering and gave a speech at the home of an unrepentant terrorist? No? Well, I can!

    • susanburns

      when you give money for someone to build a castle it is not really charity.

    • Kaz

      Even Republicans are embarrassed by this latest play of Trump, because he is still trying to sell the idea that Obama is (secretly) not a natural born American, an idea that the vast majority Republicans have moved past.

      Are you a birther?

      • Kaz

        No, I’m not a “birther”. Whatever gave you that crazy idea? I’m not even a Republican, as I’ve pointed out several times.

        • Just asking. Donald Trump is trying to plant the idea that Obama’s “true birthplace” will be revealed in his college transcripts.

          He’s getting pans from both sides of the aisle for this.

          Your comment is a little confusing. You seem to be suggesting that a Christian should never support one political candidate over another. Should Christians be apolitical?

  • T. Webb

    The birtherism is as ridiculous as saying President Obama is a Muslim.

    I also find it ridiculous that any candidate should have to make public his/her tax records.

    That said, I’ve been confused for years now that President Obama refuses to release his college transcripts. It’s usual to provide transcripts for any job application, and so much more for the presidency. His continual refusal disturbs me.

    Of course, I’m solidly voting for him.