Jesus is (Sith) Lord? Science Fiction and Theology around the Blogosphere

Over the past day or so, several bloggers have responded to, mentioned, or built upon things I've written here or said elsewhere on the topic of religion and science fiction.

At Political Jesus, Rod the Rogue Demon-Hunter shared several tongue-in-cheek explorations of the idea of Jesus as Sith Lord. Below is one of the images he shared (another is at the end of this post):

Of course, elsewhere Jesus is depicted as saying the opposite – that anyone who is not against him is for him. I don't think Anakin ever did that…

Fred Clark responded to the IO9 article that I was quoted in, suggesting that it would be interesting for science fiction to explore a “Calvinist dystopia.” Click through to read more about his idea.

John Morehead likewise looks at ways that science fiction can be useful for the purpose of theological and ethical exploration and reflection.

And since young-earth creationism is science fiction, I can also mention Josh's response to my post about what “most Christians think” over at Unsettled Christianity.

But “seriously” (to the extent that anything about this post is “serious”): does it or would it trouble you if your own religious viewpoint turned out to be closer to what is attributed to Sith than to Jedi in the Star Wars films and other Star Wars materials?

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  • I consider Jesus as being more Midi-chlorian than either Jedi or Sith Lord.
    He enables the Force (peace and love) to be distributed throughout the galaxy. The weaker (Sith) lifeforms tend not to see the light, and stay in the darkness.

  • Darth Filius?

  • Daddy-O

    Of course we all realize that the Jedi statement that only a Sith deals in absolutes is itself an absolute statement.


  • “Of course, elsewhere Jesus is depicted as saying the opposite – that anyone who is not against him is for him. I don’t think Anakin ever did that…” The black and white (irrational) thinking is what is disturbing. Even those who are not against you can be indifferent. How is that for you? It’s irrational group think that doesn’t deal well at all with the vast spectrum of perspectives out there. And of course this is just the tip of the iceberg of cult think from Jesus and the NT in general.

  • Christoph DeHaven

    As soon as I heard the “absolutes” line, I knew that we Christians were on “the dark side” by definition.

    1. Only the SIth deal in absolutes.
    2. Christians deal in absolutes.
    3. Therefore, Christians are a type of Sith.

    Per Lucas, the “light” side would be Buddhism.

    • Nox

      for me cience is the real light side