This Year’s AAR/SBL iPad App is Finally Available!

If you are an iPad, iPhone, or iPod user, and you are attending the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and/or the Society of Biblical Literature in November, you have been impatiently awaiting the promised iOS app for your device dedicated to the event (just as we did around this time last year).

Well, the wait is over!

I discovered today that the app is now available for download.

Click through to download it – or just search for it on iTunes!

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  • Chris Heard

    Is it any better than last year’s app, which was cool at first but became well-night useless by the time the meeting actually rolled around?

    • James F. McGrath

      It has been so long, I don’t remember it becoming useless. Can you refresh my memory? I have yet to do more than add a few items to the calendar in the new one.

      • Chris Heard

        Last year, data was flaky; sessions appeared and disappeared willy-nilly with each new update. You couldn’t add in your own events, which made it basically useless for scheduling; you still needed to consult your “other” calendar anyway.

        • James F. McGrath

          I didn’t experience the disappearing sessions last year – or maybe I missed something without realizing why! :-)

          I will be giving it a test run and hope to share my experience. Please do likewise!