Fundamentalist in Chains

Another thought-provoking cartoon by David Hayward:

David expresses astonishment that some Christians think that this image depicts exactly the way things should be.

For me, the astonishing thing is that those same Christians think that they can imprison God in Biblical chains, even though the freedom of God is one of the many emphases running through those very texts which they are seeking to use to chain God down.


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  • Michael Pahl

    I was just reading Philemon, where Paul describes himself as “a prisoner of Jesus Christ” and speaks of his being in the “imprisonment of the gospel.” Then I saw this cartoon. An enlightening contrast.

    • James F. McGrath

      Indeed! Out of curiosity, would you say that being a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and/or of the Gospel, and being “a prisoner of the Bible”, are the same thing, or significantly different?

      • Michael Pahl

        I can’t imagine Paul ever describing himself as being a prisoner of the Torah or the Scriptures, can you? I could never do that myself, either. A couple of months ago I sketched out a few rough thoughts on “Jesus or the Bible”:

        • James F. McGrath

          I agree – indeed, one of the reasons why the fundamentalist approach seems so ironic to me is that it is treating the texts in a way that is fundamentally different from, if not diametrically opposed to, the way people like Paul approached Scripture.

          Thanks for sharing the link to your blog post. I hope readers will click through to read it!