Now That’s Just Wrong

Church tradition clearly indicates that the dinosaur did not arrive at the same time as Bill and Ted…

But seriously, I do appreciate a sci-fi or other variation on the traditional nativity set, and have shared some in the past. But I like there to be something that is worth talking about in the choice of which figures were placed where, and their relationship (even if by way of contrast) to the traditional story.

So what do readers make of the one above, which came across my feed on Facebook today? Is there a brilliance to it that I am missing? Or is is just the action figures someone happened to have placed in and around a manger?


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  • This leaves me as confused as children who watch the three “Flintstones” Christmas themed cartoons, who must consider which came first: Caveman or Santa Claus?

  • Paul D.

    There’s a certain perverse irony in how the sci-fi Nativity — itself a pop-culture subversion of the religious Nativity scene — is being subverted by intentionally inappropriate use of the sci-fi elements being incorporated. Multiple Darth Vaders? That doesn’t happen by accident. (And putting Riker and Troi together as the parents lets us know that the author is aware of his choices.)

    • Pseudonym

      I assumed that one of them was Chad Vader.

  • Gary

    Are you kidding? I’m still bummed-out that the Pope says there were no animals there. A rural, ancient village with no animals? Where did they get their meat, chese, and eggs. Abertson’s? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I thought the animals and dung keep the homes/barn combinations warm.