Theologian CCG?

Theologian CCG? December 15, 2012

I am posting a reminder about the giveaway of sets of theologian trading cards as well as signed cards. To enter, leave a comment on that post (not this one).

I suggested there the possibility of playing a game with the cards. What might a Theologians Customizable Card Game look like? Could it be like Pokemon? “Arius used Thalia against Athanasius. It's not very effective…”

Click through and suggest your rules for how to play a game using the cards. In addition to the fun of discussing a possible game to be played with the cards, you will also be entering to win a set yourself!

Otherwise, you can always just play baseball using them…

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  • cameronhorsburgh

    Nicholas of Myra versus Arius, on the other hand… add a set of thirteen reindeer cards FTW!