In Memoriam: John William McKenzie Brady

Today at 10 am is the funeral for “Mack” Brady, son of well-known scholar and biblioblogger Christian Brady. Bob Cargill and Steve Caruso have already shared tributes, as well as information on the funeral arrangements and a scholarship fund that has been set up in Mack’s memory.

Joel Watts suggested that we have a period of silence on our blogs, especially at 10 am as the funeral begins. That seems fitting.

Being at a loss for words, I will simply direct you to the sites above, and also to Christian’s own blog posts on his blog Targuman about the death of his young son and the small measure of comfort provided in times like these by communities, including those mediated through technology.

And I ask that we all take a few minutes to pause from blogging and commenting here at 10 am, and in silence join with the Brady family as they mourn.

John William “Mack” McKenzie Brady (Jan 16 2004 – Dec 31 2012) and his father
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