Easy Exam Question

Bob Cargill tweeted that he likes to give students at least one easy question on the exams he gives. And he showed what that looks like:

I dread to think what Bob would do if a student actually picked “B”…

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  • http://mythicpizza.blogspot.co.uk/ Paul Regnier

    Bit of a minefield the comedy easy exam question.

    If I had a pound for every student who answered that John the Baptist called people to d) recycle…

  • arcseconds

    I used to raise a glass or two with a computer science lecturer who (it was said) would put the following question on the exam paper:

    I have read and understood all the questions

    I believe they got a mark no matter what they answered. But if they disputed the grade on the “but i thought you meant ____ “, he’d say “OK, I’ll revise your grade, then”, take the paper back, and deduct a mark for the first question…

    (if they said ‘no’, I suppose they kept the mark but lost the right to appeal on this basis…)

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      That is deviously brilliant!

  • Eric Von Daniken

    The correct answer is B. Also, Jesus ascending into heaven is a metaphor for him being beamed back up to the mother ship. Buy my book.