Electric Prunes – Mass in F minor (1968)


I mentioned the idea of a rock mass recently, and had the above drawn to my attention.


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  • Dorfl

    In case you’re wondering who Dave Mabus is, he is a man named Dennis Markuze who is suffering from some form of mental illness, and has spent the last decade obsessively trolling atheist and skeptic blogs. I’ve no idea what he thinks he’s doing on a Christian blog, though.

    Also, I discovered the Electric Prunes recently, and I think they’re awesome.

    • Thanks – I’ve had DM commenting here for a long time. I prefer that people not interact with his comments or mention them, since they only rarely get through the spam filter and will be made to disappear quickly!

      • Dorfl

        Oh, sorry! I’d thought DM was local to the atheist/skeptic blogosphere, but apparently he haunts progressive Christians too. Feel free to delete my post since you already know who he is.

        • I’d rather leave it than delete your praise for the Electric Prunes along with the comment about DM! 🙂