Brace Yourselves: Evolution Weekend is Coming


If you don’t know what this meme is about, Michael Zimmerman’s recent article in the Huffington Post might help.

"Come on now, it was a well-placed cite."

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Richard Carrier as False Prophet

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  • Kaz

    Your many insightful arguments have brought about a change of heart. Like you, I now realize that the faces on Mount Rushmore came about via purely natural processes, and that the historical claim that the resemblance to past presidents is due to human efforts is a lie that was started by fundamentalists who wanted to cover up the fact that natural processes could really achieve such impressive results;-)

    • James F. McGrath

      Presumably this is supposed to be sarcasm, but it doesn’t really work unless one accepts that a self-replicating molecule or even a simple cell is akin to a carved depiction of a human face. Of course, if you insist on an analogy involving rocks, we could ask whether the Giant’s Causeway could have come about via natural processes, or any of the numerous instances in which a rock face bears some resemblance to a human face, leading some to wonder whether natural processes produced it. Just insisting that DNA is like Mount Rushmore assumes what is the very question, namely that a living thing is more like what human beings make artificially, than the things that occur naturally.

      • Kaz

        Your “sarcasm meter” is well in tact. You might enjoy this unrelated article:

        • James F. McGrath

          Thanks. I always get a kick out of “Evolution News and Views.” Usually even just their self-description in terms of “Evolution News” is enough to get me to chuckle… 😉

          • Kaz

            I got a chuckle from the part about how Jerry Coyne reviewed reviews of a book that he himself hadn’t read. That seems to be a common failing of evolutionists, though, doesn’t it? Coyne reviewed reviews of a book he hadn’t read, and Francisco Ayala reviewed Stephen Meyer’s book, which at the time he apparently hadn’t read.

            If that’s the sort of thinking that the anti-ID consensus is founded upon, then I’d say we’re quite safe;-)

    • Susan Burns

      It is interesting that you would use this analogy. The eben hashetiya (foundation stone) was thought to be the omphalos of the earth. God threw the eben hashetiya into the deep (tehom) and from it the world was created. This stone was “hung” or fixed from above and below and began to expand from all sides. Also, God gathered the earth around this stone to create Adam. There must be a paleo significance to this stone and the mixing of sacrificial blood. “Eben” is the Edenic origin of “bone”.