SBL Call For Papers: Deadline Approaching

Dear Colleague:

The 2013 SBL Annual Meeting Call for Papers closes at Thursday, February 28 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Program units then review proposals and issue acceptance/rejection notices in March (by April 1).

Please note that you will need the following in order to submit a paper proposal:

• Current SBL Full or Student membership

• A valid email address

• Paper title (formatted according to SBL Handbook of Style)

• 300 word abstract (formatted according to SBL Handbook of Style)

• Any audio-visual needs must be entered at this time and are subject to AV policies stated in the proposal form

• SBL ID numbers and full names of any co-presenters

• Any scheduling concerns (Please limit comments to truly exigent matters, as scheduling is already extraordinarily complicated.)

If you have questions on the appropriateness of a topic for a particular unit, please email the program unit chair directly. Proposers needing to offer additional information or clarification should contact the program unit

chair of the unit in question directly.

Please refer to the Annual Meeting participation requirements and details.

Please also note that you can view the status of and edit your proposal by following the instructions on this Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Registration will open in March. Please visit the Annual Meetings webpage for more information.


Your Annual Meeting Team

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