AAR Paper Proposal Deadline Extended AGAIN!

The notification below came via e-mail from the American Academy of Religion (it did not include the logo, which I added just for fun, because I did not previously know that this was another thing that “AAR” stood for):


Dear AAR Members,

The Program Administration Proposal, Review, Evaluation, and Submission System (PAPERS) server went down from 10:50 pm to 12:22 am EST last night. As a result, hundreds of our members were prevented from submitting their proposals during that period. We deeply and humbly apologize for this problem at this critical time. We are looking into the problem, and will make certain that it does not happen again.

We are extending the submission deadline until 5:00 pm EST tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6. You can access the PAPERS submission system at any time. To access the full Call for Papers, click here.

That means that if you are interested in participating in the exploratory session, “Traditions of East Late Antiquity,” you can still e-mail me your proposal!

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