House of Mirrors

Here's a demo version the latest song I've been working on. It should be considered a rough draft, but I'd appreciate feedback on the lyrics, the theology, and the music. The “guitar solo” should be treated as a placeholder – in fact, it should be described as a “'guitar' solo” since no actual guitars feature in this recording, although I hope it isn't obvious unless I tell you!

Here are the lyrics (apologies if the formatting was messed up when you first tried to read them):


House of Mirrors

You made us in your image
And we've returned the favor
Every kind of people
With gods of every flavor
We see ourselves in a mirror darkly
We think we're looking at you
Help us to see beyond our reflections
A glimmer of what is true
We all live in a house of mirrors
We think we're finding our way
Am I your image, are you my likeness?
In this house of mirrors
Lord, I seek your face
We blame you for our anger
We think you hate who we hate
Such a disturbing comfort
To see our fears incarnate
Make me translucent to your transcendence
A window for your light
Not just projecting on you my failures
Hiding you from sight
We don't escape from this maze we wander
We never manage to see
Still there's your voice in the distance, calling,
“Come and follow me”
(Last line: Help me find my way)
In this house of mirrors
In this house of mirrors
In this house of mirrors

In this house of mirrors

(c) 2013 James F. McGrath


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  • Thanks James for the song!! You are correct — too often we live in a house of mirrors!

  • Rebecca Trotter

    I have actually been thinking lately about this issue of us projecting ourselves onto God. It can also be a good thing. Since we are made in his image, after a while of “working out our salvation” who we are made to be becomes clearer. And then instead of our tendency to project ourselves onto God being a problem, it becomes illuminating. If we can love someone, then so can God. If we can forgive something, then so can God. For all the problems which can come from the “house of mirrors”, in the end, I think it’s also a fail-safe to help us find our way to the truth of a God of love.

  • I made a slight improvement to the demo recording: