There have been a number of articles and blog posts in recent days related to the burial of Jesus in general, and the claim that a tomb in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem is the place where Jesus was buried. Here are the relevant links to three recent articles in The Bible and Interpretation:

James Tabor wrote an article, “The Tombs at Talpiot: Overview of ‘The Jesus Discovery'”

Mark Goodacre shared a link to his article “The Jesus Discovery? A Skeptic’s Perspective”

Christopher Rollston has an article, “The Talpiyot (Jerusalem) Tombs: Some Sober Methodological Reflections on the Epigraphic Materials”

Also related to this topic is an older piece on the ending of Mark which James Tabor wrote. Ed Babinski posted some thoughts about it on his blog, as well as the addresses of a number of online lectures on New Testament topics.

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  • arcseconds

    Goodacre accuses Tabor of the sharpshooter fallacy, which has some fit to what’s going on with the images, but I think the overall problem here is really the narrative fallacy.

    Jesus son of Joseph, Mary ‘the Master’ Magdalene, and their child Judah, accompanied by pictures of Jonah and ressurective exhortations to Yhwh is a compelling story that unites the various elements with well-known figures and a well-known story.

    Whereas who the hell are Mariam and her husband Masters, and this guy called Agabus who won’t touch bones, who is this kid Judah anyway, and what are they doing with a couple of pictures of vases? How are we supposed to make any sense of this? Booorrrrinng!