Westboro Baptist Church Joins the United Federation of Christian Planets

Westboro Baptist Church announced its plan to picket the funerals of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. Anonymous responded by taking over the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page, where they have been posting things like this:

News at the intersection of Christianity and Star Trek: The Next Generation always deserves a mention here.

UPDATE: Apparently Anonymous has long held the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page, in an example of “brandjacking.” Well played on their part!

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  • http://nleaven.wordpress.com/ TC Robinson

    Westboro Baptist doesn’t deserve any press, man. 😉

    • Nick

      Nah, they’re going to be all over the place no matter what. Might as well point to something nice coming out of it.

  • chrisp909

    Why is it when radical Muslims do something stupid people complain that the moderate Muslims don’t condemn it enough. Where is the Christian community outrage about this hate group?

    • http://www.defeatingthedragons.wordpress.com SamanthaField

      most of the Christians I have experience with (conservative fundamentalism, to be clear) believe that the entire Islamic religion is a hate group.