A Low View of Scripture

Mike Beidler posted this as his status update on Facebook and I asked for permission to quote him:

To say that if any part of the Bible is of the myth genre, so goes the rest, is to present a blatantly false dichotomy. Disregarding the fact that Genesis contains etiological literature (i.e., origins myth) is actually a “low view” of Scripture. It disrespects the text(s), outright censors the ancient voices that produced the text(s), disregards authorial intent, and is guilty of the worst forms of theological ventriloquism.

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  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Theological ventriloquism. I like that turn of phrase.

    • http://www.rethinkingao.com Mike Beidler

      It was inspired by my search to find a phrase equivalent to “putting words in the biblical authors’ mouths.” :)