Desert Reading

They always ask what one book or CD you would want to have with you if stranded on a desert island. This scenario involves a desert peninsula, but the idea is the same. Choose wisely, as it will need to provide for puns as well as reading/listening enjoyment.


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  • David Evans

    I would choose a basic book on celestial navigation. That should cut the journey time to a month or less. Possibly avoiding those pesky commandments altogether.

  • Gary

    The 11th Commandment, lost while the Israelites were fighting over the tablets, when Moses returned to camp.
    11. On Not Being a Sausage: “Do not be a sausage which is full of useless things.”

    Good reading if on a desert peninsula with angry people.
    *stolen from “interesting posts elsewhere, Zenobia, Empress of Palmyra”
    From The Teachings of Silvanus. Btw, I like those BBC podcasts.