Goodbye, Google Reader!



Thanks to Jeremy Myers for the inspiration to make the above image!


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  • Ken Schenck

    I still haven’t found a great option for some feeder that will allow me to share in a blogroll. I may have to do it manually…

    • Have you tried The Old Reader?

      • Ken Schenck

        Yes, but it doesn’t share with Blogger apparently. I emailed them and asked. Have you figured out a way? I can’t see the feature in Feedly either.

        • I share select items, and so what I do is use the address for my shared items in the sidebar widget. Presumably you could do something similar?

          • Ken Schenck

            We’ll find out tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for the tip…

          • Let me know how it goes, either way! If it doesn’t work at first, maybe I can help!

    • I think most RSS readers are working under the assumption that such ways of sharing are becoming obsolete.

      Not saying that’s true or that they should be doing this. Just that this is what seems to be happening.

      • Ken Schenck

        Interestingly, my feed is still coming from Google Reader.

        • Ken Schenck

          Now it’s gone. 🙂