After a couple of years of practice typing on an iPad, I still find that (at least when I am typing without looking at the keyboard) my name ends up coming out more frequently as  Ja,es  than James.

Presumably this is due to the slight difference in size between the iPad’s on-screen keyboard and a typical physical computer keyboard.

Has anyone else noticed this sort of thing? Can one retrain one’s mind and muscles to type more effectively on a different type of keyboard without it detracting from one’s ability on the standard-size keyboard?

(This seems comparable to trying to play one of the smaller musical keyboards or other smaller than standard instruments one comes across, when one is used to playing the full-size instrument).

Presumably changing my name to Ja,es would also solve the problem…

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  • arcseconds

    I suppose you’ve heard the one about the guy who changed his name to BNK3512 because it was cheaper than getting a personalized number plate?

    • LOL

      • arcseconds

        His wife divorced him, though, because she didn’t want to be Mrs. BNK3512.

  • spinkham

    At the risk of pointing out the obvious, have you added this and other common cases for you to keyboard shortcuts so they autocorrect?

    I have similar issues switching between Mac OS, Linux, and Windows copy & paste shortcuts, only some of the pain of which can be taken away by modifying keyboard mappings.

    • I keep autocorrect turned off – I would rather tap on things underlined in red and choose a correction than assume I spelled correctly and discover that I sent something horribly different than what I intended to someone.

      • spinkham

        I just gave it a try, and keyboard shortcuts still work with general autocorrect switched off.

        Settings ->general->keyboard->add new shortcut, phrase “James”, shortcut “Ja,es” (without the quotes obviously), and then presto, one less problem to deal with anyway.