Antievolutionism vs. Fundamentalism

This image was shared on the God of Evolution Facebook page:

It is only because most fundamentalists do not know their own history that young-earth creationists have managed to dupe so many into believing that they are defending historic Christianity. They are not even defending historic fundamentalism. B. B. Warfield was one of the authors who contributed to The Fundamentals, the books that gave fundamentalism its name.

John Hobbins wrote a blog post on this a few years ago.


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  • newenglandsun

    That’s because religious fundamentalism is hard to define. As I define it, it is largely a) a reactionary group b) Christians c) they vouch heavily for Biblical inerrancy d) they make so much of a big deal about issues that which might not even be important and e) everyone else besides them is doomed to eternity.

    Probably not a universally accepted definition. For the most part, a fundamentalist can be identified pretty easily. It might also be possible that instead of characteristic e, they instead possess characteristic f which is that they long and pray desperately for everyone to come to the same exact conclusion of god that they hold to.

    It does consist a-d that’s for certain. Whether it consists of e or f depends on the type of fundamentalist but it definitely needs to consist of either of these as well.

  • TomS

    I’d note that Warfield was “cool with evolution“. A young earth, it seems, was not much of an issue at that time, even with those who denied evolution.

    • Ian

      Young Earth Creationism is avery modern fad, it comes from the visions received by the teenage Seventh Day Adventist prophetess Ellen White in the 1850s, and it was the SDAs who developed the ideas of flood geology. It was adopted into American fundamentalism in the early 1960s. It is still not a major feature of Christianity elsewhere in the world, except in denominations that primarily import American theology and religious culture.

  • Paul Braterman

    Biblical creationists willfully confuse inerrancy with literalism, an error that the redactors of Genesis wold never have been guilty of.