History Channel Documentary on the Bible

Today I went up to Chicago to be interviewed for a documentary series on the Bible, which is expected to air on the History Channel in October. I'll give fuller details when I have them.

In addition to the producer and film crew, it was great to reconnect with James Hoffmeier, who was interviewed before me, and to finally meet Candida Moss, who was scheduled to be interviewed after me, in person.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did talk about aliens…


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  • x x

    I wouldn’t have thought that Dr. Hoffmeier and you would have much in common from a biblical studies perspective.

    • I met him for the first time in Romania. He used to visit there to guest teach, including in a summer program for students from a variety of countries in the Arab world. But our fields are very different, which makes it harder to make small talk! 🙂

  • Peter Kirby

    Thank you for answering the question about the aliens; it was what first came to my mind too.

  • Jerome

    Will the alien guy be in it too?? 😀 http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ancient-aliens

    • I really don’t think so. It isn’t going to be that sort of show…I hope!

  • John Pieret

    Did you specifically mention Doctor Who?

  • Jerry Wilson

    Didn’t the History Channel already do a mini-series on the bible?

    • This isn’t a mini-series of the Bible, it is a documentary series about the Bible. (Just in case you thought I’d been hired to play Goliath or something).

      I think everyone has already done something about the Bible more than once, but it seems there is room for more. And judging by the questions asked and the people they interviewed, this won’t be just a reduplication of exactly the same things that we’ve all seen before.

  • Stephen Snead

    Sounds interesting. Please keep us posted about air date and time. 🙂