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Some of you may have experienced slow load times or error messages on this blog in the past. The cause was apparently my sidebar widget which shared interesting posts elsewhere. If the RSS feed that it was trying to pull failed to respond, the widget would wait for it and the blog page would fail to load.

But many of you enjoy the “interesting things elsewhere” items that I share from other blogs. And that sidebar has been useful to me for sharing, since I can just click “share” and send something there, which is much easier than writing a blog post with a round-up of links, something I like doing but do not always have time to do.

I have a solution. First, there is a convenient address at which you can see the items I’ve shared from The Old Reader:

I’ve added a couple of new pages to the blog. One is called Connections:

At the top of that page, I’ve put the link to my shared items on The Old Reader. I may add a link to the sidebar if that is preferable.

I’ve also added links to other places where you can connect with this blog, or me, or Butler University’s religion program, online.

There is now also a page called “Easy Search Posts Page” which has easy links to tags, keywords, recent posts, and the blog archives.

Moving all of this to separate pages which you can easily access via the tabs near the top of the blog will help the blog’s main page to load faster, avoiding clutter that slows that down, while keeping many of the features you like close to hand.

Let me know what you think of this way of setting things up!

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  • Ken Schenck

    For the time being, I’m typing in the HTML on my sidebar to feed to some of the articles in my reader. It’s a pain… don’t know if it will last, but I hate people having to burrow down to some other place to see links. The good news is that now I can include things from Jim Wests. I never put him in my feed because he posts so often that he drowns out everyone else. :-)

    • James F. McGrath

      It seems as though, if that is what you are doing, you’d be better off having a blog post that is a daily/weekly round-up of interesting links.

      I’ve been trying to share less from Jim West, and so it seems that the internet has a way of balancing these things out…. :-)

      • Ken Schenck

        :-) That’s my fall back plan.

  • Charles
  • guest

    Sounds good.