Twelve Tones

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A nice explanation of twelve tone music (serialism) by Vi Hart. It is highly entertaining in its own right, with a healthy dose of sci-fi geekiness, in addition to being an insightful and clear explanation of this distinctive development in 20th century music. And if you do not appreciate this sort of music, please give this a listen – it might change your mind. It has an incredible twelve-tone version of Mary Had a Little Lamb, and great use of shapes in conjunction with patterns and a new arrangement of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, in the final third of the video.

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  • Charles Ormsbee

    No comments? Man, that was a great video!! Although I’d been aware of serialism techniques for years, usually in a jazz setting, I need to explore the 20th century composers in their original context. Colin Marston is one of my favorite musicians right now, a technical metal guy, and his music is hugely influenced by Penderecki et. al.

    • James F. McGrath

      I was disappointed with the lack of discussion – I think the video is fantastic too!

      And wow, thanks for drawing Marston to my attention!

  • Beau Quilter

    A brilliant video – Vi Hart is quite intelligent and amazingly talented!