Wadham College, Oxford

Today the ARAM conference on the Mandaeans will be starting at the Oriental Institute here in Oxford, England. Oxford is such a great city, and I am staying at bed & breakfast accommodations at Wadham College. The rooms are very nice ones in a modern building, but that building is situated within a very historic outer wall and college complex, making this the most historic premises I recall staying on.

I was delighted to have a chance to meet up with my friends Robert and Sharon Heaney, currently in Oxford. Both are academics, and Robert was recently appointed the new director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary.

Then for dinner, I had the chance to meet up with Charles Häberl and Matthew Morgenstern, both of whom as linguists specializing in Mandaic, who are here for the conference. We had dinner at the King's Arms just nearby – fish and chips seemed an appropriate choice!


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