Bible for Brains

It saddens me to realize that some may see David Hayward's latest cartoon and think that what it depicts, having a head filled only with a Bible, is a good thing.

But to think that is to demean the Creator, suggesting that the fact that we have brains which can discern and reason, if we learn how to use them properly, is a flaw, and we were meant to be mindless automatons parrotting Scripture.

In fact, anyone who simply quotes Bible verses at you is not brainless. They are just choosing not to use their brain well. But if they pretend that they are not using their minds to interpret the text, but are simply repeating what it says, they are not telling the truth.

No one really has a Bible for brains. No one can understand the Bible, or even misunderstand it, without brains being involved, brains very much like the ones that were responsible for producing the Biblical literature in the first place.

David's blog post includes many important points about the use and abuse of the Bible in our time, and so do click through to read the whole thing.


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