Life on Other Cells?

I saw this on Facebook:

It reminded me of an analogy I’ve often used, of two cells in a human body talking about their place in the grand scheme of things, and the meaning of their existence. One says that it looks around and says “Cells are all there is – we’re born, we die, there’s no meaning to it all.” The other says that it thinks maybe we’re part of one big cell. The second one is not able to imagine what another layer of existence looks like, what it is like to be human. The best it can offer is “cellulomorphism.” Yet it has rightly intuited that there is more to life than just the level at which individual cells exist.

"Oh...I am looking forward to ea6chong this soon."

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  • arcseconds

    I’m not sure what it is we’re looking at here. There appear to be cells within cells within cells… are the largest entities actually simple multicellular creatures? Are multinucleate cells depicted here? Are some of these entities about to undergo virus-induced lysis or something?

    Or maybe it’s representing Leibniz’s view of the structure of things, where it’s lifeforms ‘all the way down’…

    • BaseDeltaZero

      It looks like a fractal to me.