Objective Ministries

Objective Ministries is clearly a parody site. But it is just close enough to what some extreme Christian groups claim and try to accomplish, that you have moments of doubt. I had come across it before, but having found my way there again yesterday, I thought I’d share the site with you.

My favorite elements on the web site are the following: The suggestion that the ancient Israelites were attacked by Pterosaurs, and Moses scared them off with a divinely-provided “brazen pterosaur-scaring device”:

The plan to put Orbital Cross Alpha into space:

And the warnings about the error of triclavianism:

Their complaints about the other more famous parody site, Landover Baptist, make it all the more amusing.

What Christian or other parody sites have you come across that you enjoy? The Onion is another favorite, although not focused exclusively on religion. One of my favorite bits of religious satire from The Onion depicts the Sumerians looking on with bewilderment as the Judeo-Christian God creates the cosmos.

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