Beyond Library Walls

Today’s Indianapolis Star includes an article by Stephanie Wang on academic libraries’ move in the direction of focusing on digital resources. The article mentions me, as I spoke with Ms. Wang on the phone the other day. She had heard from our dean of libraries, whom she also interviewed for the article she was working on, about the fact that I was considering sharing a conference paper in our digital repository even without it being published (yet) as an article. I mentioned that paper here recently, and indeed, it was this conversation that made me decide it was time to take the plunge at share it.

Click through to read the article in the Indianapolis Star. The paper on the term Nazorean and the Gospel of Matthew will hopefully one day serve as useful raw material for part of a book I hope to write on the Mandaeans and the New Testament. But in the mean time, you can read it online in its conference paper form, and any thoughts and feedback on it are welcome, and likely to still be useful to my ongoing work!

On a related note, do see Bob Cargill’s video about the digital humanities and other related topics.

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